RIIL is a dynamic company managed by thoughtful and passionate group of experts, who are self-motivated to create vibrations in the Infrastructure Industry through their fool-proof and innovative ideas. The company is young and already foreseeing numerous growth prospects for itself and its customers. Most importantly, we feel pleased to inform you that RICH Infra India Limited is a Public Limited Company registered under the Companies Act, 1956, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India.

We offer THE BEST customer services in the industry and have set up a social goal to provide excellent employment opportunities to youngsters, women and elderly people.

RIIL has got diversified interest in numerous businesses related with Agriculture, Real Estate, Civil Construction, Education, Overseas and Hospitality sectors. In fact, the promoters of the company drew inspiration from the availability of huge volume of barren land and evolved innovative business proposals for purchase, development and sale of land in order to facilitate agriculture and allied activities and thus, render fine services to Indian citizens by way of scientific farming and cultivation.

Understanding the need of fast changing needs of the world, RIIL and its subsidiaries have come up with following list of activities:-

- To develop vast chunk of barren land into productive cultivable land with the help of modern scientific techniques and appreciate the value of land by undertaking Orchid and Herbal Farming by intelligent use of sprinkler & drip irrigation system.

- To provide another layer of support to the Indian economy by engaging in Infra Structural Development of affordable, qualitative and customized residential and commercial properties adhering to stringent quality policy and International Standards of Infrastructure practice.

- RIIL is professionally managed Destination Management Company which intends to build a strong position by establishing top-class infrastructure for imparting Medical & Engineering Education.

- To contribute effectively in the development of the country and economic up-gradations of the next generation by carrying out International Standard Civil Construction Work (including construction of Roads, Flyovers, etc.)

- Talking about the business diversification plans and projects, RIIL has come up with the Overseas Business (Import/Export, Tours and Travels, Immigration and Foreign Education) by giving quick and prompt access to the customers thus ensuring the best quality of service.

- So as to provide a strong foundation to RIIL and its Associates, we are ready to spread our wings in Hospitality Sector (like Hotels, Food Chains and Retail Stores)


‘Our Misson’
“Generate the highest rate of return on the hard earned money of its clients and pass-on these
to the client for improving their quality of life.”
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