Q:- What Is RICH Infra India Limited. ?

Ans: RIIL is a company which is primarily engaged in Infrastructure Development Projects (such as Road & Building Construction and Real Estate Business). RIIL is NOT a financial institution that’s why it is not under the RBI or IRDA.

Q:- What is legal authentication of the company ?

Ans:- RIIL is a Public Limited Company, registered under the Companies Act,1956, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. Therefore, it cannot be dissolved without prior liquidation of assets. Furthermore, RIIL is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and it follows the proper process as per the guidelines. RIIL is having a Certificate of Import and Export by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. RIIL is certified by PUDA as Promoter for developing a colony and constructing apartments.

Q: Whether my invested money is safe in the hands of RIIL?

Ans: Yes. The money invested with RIIL will only increase over time because the major part of investment, as per the RIIL’s Rules and Regulations, goes straight into real estate/land. As you know, that money invested in land never goes down. However, it grows gradually over the period of time. RIIL follows the Indian Accounting and Auditing System of the country for the transparency.

Q: Will I get an allotment of the plot?

Ans: Yes, you will get a proper allotment of the plot(s). One plot will be allotted to one person ONLY.

Q: What are the future prospects of the RIIL?

Ans: RIIL is more than sure of becoming an imposing tycoon in the Infrastructure Business/Industry soon. The company’s future plans include initiating brand new projects like: Technical Education, Orchid Farming (resulting in an Export Quality yield), Hotel and Resort Chains and many more.

Q: Can I see the location of my allotted plot(s)?

Ans: Yes of course, with a prior intimation with a written request to RIIL, the customer can visit the plot area allotted to him. Plot will be allotted anywhere in India but the company will try to allocate a plot that is near by the customer residence, probably within the radius of 250 kms.

Q: Where will the RIIL disputes be settled?

Ans: The dispute between the customer/advisor and RIIL will be settled at Chandigarh with the help of Arbitration and Jurisdiction because the registered office/records/Legal bodies of RIIL are located in Chandigarh.


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